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Prevent Rejected Loads In-Transit Load Assurance gives you consistent insights to load specs throughout the delivery process – alleviating the challenges associated with manual testing or relying on a driver's 'gut instinct.' A technology-based approach takes the guesswork out of the equation, so you can mitigate the potential for disputes, reduce overdesign, better allocate your QC resources, and minimize the occurrence of rejected loads. Real-Time Production Optimization Instant feedback to production helps improve the quality of your next load – reducing the risk of rejected loads while QC teams use the historical data to optimize mix designs and prevent costly disputes. Sustainability Matters Reduce waste and save energy by maximizing concrete reuse. Not only will Load Assurance bring efficiency to your workflows that improve overall costs, but it also enables a carbon footprint reduction. I can watch a load and monitor slump, temperature, and water-added during the entire lifecycle of the product...from 100+ miles away. – Wayne Davis Concrete Reduce Rejected Concrete Optimize Driver Onboarding Time Minimize Concrete Properties Disputes Boost Customer Satisfaction Consistent, Reliable Load Data Take control of your load quality. Talk with your sales representative today. 1-800-624-1872 Copyright © Command Alkon Incorporated. All rights reserved. Command Alkon Load Assurance Monitor Mix Performance And Ensure Quality Loads Are Delivered Everytime Load Assurance

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