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COMMANDbatch CP Manage your concrete process easily. Concrete production is an essential part of your business process. You need to be sure that you can rely on this process completely. Without concrete there is no end product. • Who Can Benefit From This Solution: COMMANDbatch CP is specifically developed for companies whose main operation is concrete production: from small installations with a simple process through to large plants with, for example, double scales, double mixers and the complete transportation of concrete to the plant using flying buckets. • Moisture Measurement and Water Dosing: Accurate water dosing is extremely important In the concrete production industry. To deal with this requirement Command Alkon designed the CP-Hydro module. By making use of moisture probes in aggregates and mixer(s), CP-Hydro calculates the correct quantity of water in the mix. Process visualization functionality enables you to track the dosing process and you can access the data center to establish what data, both real-time and historical, was used to determine the water quantity dosage. • A Leader in the Industry: Recognized worldwide for helping producers achieve operational efficiency, quality, time savings, and profitability based on their specific needs. The accuracy and speed of COMMANDbatch ensures superior quality and delivers material and time savings that are unmatched by any other system. • A Partner You Can Trust – Every Step of the Way: Our implementation and support professionals are focused on your success every step of the way – through each phase of implementation and in supporting your daily needs. We understand the keys to success in the industry and are committed to ensuring your return on investment and equipping your business to grow. REVUS1

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