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Transforming your operations by replacing manual and complex tasks and processes with efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions. Learn more Copyright © Command Alkon Incorporated. All rights reserved. COMMANDbatch CP • 24/7/365 Support • Automatic and unmanned • Your entire production process in 1 system • Multi-user • Ability to control remotely • Integrated moisture measurement and water dosing Key Features • Automatic dosing, weighing and mixing • Process visualization • Control and notification • Concrete call • Color dispensing • Moisture measurement and water dosing • Flying buckets • Raw material bin fill systems • Waste water installations • Mixer and bucket clean cycles "Command Alkon's team knew exactly what we needed to deliver the correct quality and consistency of our hollow core slabs. It's more than software; it's like having an entire company behind us. And I like those odds."" - Tom Eeckhout, CEO and Owner | Van Thuyne COMMANDBATCH CP PRODUCT SHEET

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