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Want better visibility and control in your inbound processes? Manual processes are too complicated to continue as ready mix and asphalt producers struggle to remain agile in an environment that demands it. Producers spend big money on technology for their outbound processes, yet they continue managing inbound processes with stacks of paper tickets, spreadsheets, and phone calls. Why not focus on automating inbound processes with technology that can reduce error, increase productivity, eliminate fraud, and greatly improve visibility into inventory and material and haul costs. • All of Your Tickets, Digitized: Integrate your scanner with the ticket importer to upload and extract data from tickets and invoices with OCR technology. Tickets can also be captured directly from the scale printer as soon as they are created by the scale operator. Capture tickets from the field via mobile device with simple camera-enabled ticket scan capabilities. Tickets from vendors who are providing digital tickets are automatically fed into and validated by the system. • Automatically Update Inventory: Remove the need to manually key in inventory receipts every day – your batch operators will thank you! As inbound deliveries occur, digitized data flows into the system and automatically updates inventory levels so that you can be confident you have the materials on hand to complete your orders for the day. • Speed Invoice Reconciliation and Expedite AP Workflows: The reconciliation tool can scan a paper invoice and match each line item with tickets and cost codes in the system. The tool highlights missing, duplicate, or previously invoiced tickets for your review. The Invoice portal connects you with your vendors in a matter of seconds to ensure their records match your invoice and then process that invoice in the very same day by integrating with your current accounting software. • Know Your Costs Daily: With all of your inbound delivery ticket data available and matched to corresponding vendor invoices, you have a clear picture of both your raw material and hauling costs each and every day, as well as insight into the rate at which you are spending on both materials and transportation. Material Inventory PRODUCT SHEET

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