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CONNEX Ready Mix Advance Analytics Take a step up from into operational and financial insights with Advanced Analytics. Dig deeper with operational excellence dashboards that let you easily evaluate profitability, see the customers that positively effect your boom line, and empower customer coaching. Dashboards • Customer Performance and Scorecard • Customer Profitability (MoMD) • Unit Price/Cost, Est Delv Cost Trending • Order Accuracy • Same Day Cancellations • Same Day Order Changes • Willcall Cancellations • Excessive Wait Time • Truck Spacing Analysis • First Load On-Time • Non-Productive Opportunities • Start Up Time/$ • Shut Down Time/$ • Between Loads Time/$ • Slumping/Tempering Time/$ • On Job Wait Time/$ • Dumped Concrete/$ • Rejected Concrete/$ • Pour Rate Analysis • Ordered Rate vs Delivery Rate vs Pour Rate • Fight back-charges armed with easy-to- understand graphs Also Included • 10 hours consulting/training • Automatic Data Cleansing • Data Limit: 2 years Prerequisites • Using COMMANDseries • US-Based (English language/currency/date/UOM format) • Customer must already be CONNEX Connected

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