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CONNEX Ready Mix Essential Analytics Ready Mix Essential Analytics come at no charge for Command Alkon customers taking advantage of a Per Ticket Enterprise pricing model for COMMANDseries or Integra or who are using the CONNEX Outbound Ticket Portal offering. Essential Analytics utilizes dispatch (COMMANDseries and Integra) data to provide analytics, plant KPI tracking, system health monitoring and more. Features • Operation KPI Dashboard • Material per hour • Driver Utilization % • First Load-On Time % • Avg Productive Hours • Avg Loading Time • Output • Tickets Per Driver Per Shift • Avg Load Size Delivery Map Dashboard • A "heat-map-style" way to visualize your business Also Included • Custom Targets Per Plant • Data Quality Analysis • Automatic Data Cleansing • Data Limit – 6 Months Prerequisites • 1Using COMMANDseries or Integra • US-Based (English language/currency/date/ UOM format) • Customer must already be CONNEX Connected

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