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COMMANDbatch Spec Sheet Post Load Process Manager The Post Load Process Manager (PLPM) is a powerful new tool for concrete producers to track and record yard activity aer the truck is loaded, but before it leaves the yard. PLPM can be in- stalled on COMMANDbatch systems and accessed by any mobile device using a Chrome browser. PLPM connects with the E-Z CAL manual station to allow for the automatic collection of water added (or any metered material) to the Load, i.e., slump stand water. It can also capture other activities, such as adding bags of fiber or color to the load. Operation • Can select the applicable location via a button at the top of the PLPM User Interface for multiple Post Load Locations. • Up to ten users can access the PLPM application simultaneously. • Mobile devices used for PLPM must be on the same network as the COMMANDbatch PC. • Loads are automatically removed from the PLPM User Interface after 24 hours. • Loads can also be removed by marking them 'Complete' on the current view or 'Done' on the history view. • Can be configured to interlock material feed controls. • Can be configured with an optional output that provides power to an entire slump stand station. Implementation • PLPM is automatically installed with COMMANDbatch, so no other software installation is required. System Requirements • COMMANDbatch Version 2016.3.4 ( or later. • Google Chrome TM is required to run PLPM.

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