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Silo Safety System Frequently Asked Questions More Questions? Submit it here. Q: How does the Silo Safety System work? • Sets of infrared sensors appropriately placed under a silo indicate when a vehicle is under the silo – a "broken" beam between a single set of sensors indicates a vehicle. • Each silo requires a minimum of two "broken beams" before the silo will be enabled. Q: What are the components of the system? • A touch screen monitor, a Jbox, and you have the option to order two or three sensors per silo. Q: How is/are the silo gate(s) activated? • The system takes the power that's going out to open the silo, runs it through the Silo Safety PLC, and then determines if the criteria to open the silo gate is met. Q: What loadout systems are compatible with the Silo Safety System? • It works with any loadout system. It is completely standalone. Q: What materials will work with the Silo Safety System? • Coal, ready mix, aggregates, asphalt, etc. Anything as long as it's in an overhead loadout silo. Q: Where/how are the sensors installed? • A "J" channel is installed along the loading area on both sides of the silo so you can move the sensors along those channels until you find the "sweet spot" for sensor locations. • The sensor placement may be placed under silo two or ahead of silo two, halfway up to the next silo in order to make it safe to load out of the first silo. Ultimately, it is based on the type of trucks you have and the layout of your site. Q: What other components of the system have to be installed? • The touch screen control can be ordered for panel mount or desktop style. • The PLC box should be mounted within 25-50 feet of the touch screen for the supplied cable to reach. Q: How long does the Silo Safety System take to install? • It typically takes about a day to install and then two-three days to fine tune the sensor locations to meet your specific loadout needs. Q: Who does the installation of the system? • We suggest you use your in-house electrician to wire in the system. If you need some references for an electrician, we can provide them. Q: How much does the Silo Safety System cost? • Contact your sales representative for more information on pricing. Q: How many silos can be controlled with a single system? • Five Silos over one scale. Q: What if I need to manually open a silo? • To override the system, you must select the silo you want to open and the n hold the manual enable button on the touch screen to allow the silo to open. We're here to answer your questions. If you have a question that was not answered above, please submit it here.

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