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TFleet Spec Sheet Communicator TFleet Communicator is an integrated VoiceOver IP (VOIP) solution customized for the needs of the construction materials industry. Using the Zello for Work Push-To-Talk (PTT) application, cellular and legacy radio, Communicator is a powerful tool to ensure clear communication and addresses the limitations of existing radio solutions for the industry including connectivity, service, chaer, and safety. Quality Sound & Safety • Optional external speakers and PTT microphones allow in-cab communications to maintain contact while providing higher quality sound and clarity. Drivers can quickly contact others at the touch of a button. Voice Activity Log • Within TView, the Voice Activity Log provides a visual display of incoming calls in order of receipt. This functionality allows the dispatcher three • response options: initiate a point-to-point call, respond to the channel, or send a text message to the contact. As a result, drivers receive quicker response times, repeated calls into dispatch are eliminated and dispatchers are visibly aware of the level of communication from drivers in the field. Talk on Channels • Channels allow communication with multiple users at one time. TView users with administrative privileges can create and modify channels, assign default channels and add or remove contacts for updates in real-time. Fast, group communication and real-time updates provide a more efficient solution than other cellular options. Point-to-Point Calls • Point-to-point calls for the optional privacy of a telephone or conference call, without the broadcast element inherent in legacy radio communication. This feature allows individual users to initiate a private, one-to-one call with others. Status & Availability • Unlike traditional cellular or radio mobile solutions, provides information about driver availability. Presence icons are displayed throughout the TView application allowing dispatchers to quickly identify when drivers and other contacts are available or not. Voice Recording & database • Record and database all voice communications across the fleet. Now it is easy to search for any communication over a specific time frame, or by contact, channel, truck, job site, order, or plant. Each communication entry logs the date, time, duration, sender, the recipient(s) which makes reviewing historical review easy. Integration & Mobile Access • Integrated TFleet Communicator offers TView users mobile access to contacts and communication while they are away from a desk, via the • 'Zello for Work' mobile client. This also expands the user-base to more than just drivers and dispatchers, allowing other departments to on one network from any device. Turn any smartphone, tablet or PC into a two-way radio that runs on any carrier or wifi TFleet Mobile Features Summary • Drivers can select customized communications channels (e.g. dispatch, batch, shop, or fleetwide) • Drivers can access Dynamic Channels (e.g. plant, job order, jobsite) based on truck location or phase of delivery. • Can make point-to-point calls to individuals, trucks, or a direct call to dispatch. • Quick access to a list of contacts, channels, emergency broadcasts, and the ability to identify and contact the truck-in-front on a jobsite. TView User Features Summary • Can talk to a single driver, channel or other TView users. • Access to voice activity logs • Ability to manage channels through the organization from their desktop.

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