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Are you loading with precision and accuracy? Libra Overhead Loadout helps producers manage reduce overhead and increase efficiency by delivering unmatched accuracy. • Meet Demand Head-On: The Libra Overhead Loadout system controls, tracks, and monitors all truck loading functions in your operation. Simultaneously operate two or more silos at one time to improve production volume and interface with scale and production systems to boost efficiencies. • Designed with the User in Mind: The Libra Overhead Loadout system is designed with an easy-to-use, point-and-click operating interface presented within an ergonomic screen layout, as well as graphic depictions of silo levels to simplify inventory management. • Know Safety, No Accidents: Enhance driver and vehicle safety and prevent loss of materials by combining Loadout with our Silo Safety System. Add redundancy with infrared sensors and stand alone visual display that ensures silos are only opened when vehicles are appropriately placed. Libra Loadout REVUS1

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