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Ready to Improve Plant Efficiency? Let Libra Asphalt Drum Controls "watch" your plant all the time, alarming the operator of potential issues before they become full-scale problems or notifying of preventive maintenance windows to prevent plant downtime • Clear, Concise, and Familiar: The Libra Asphalt Drum Control System features a fully graphic operator interface to provide complete plant status and a slew of reports so that you are always aware of what is going on across your operations. The system's configurable design allows the producer to create custom software switches, generate reports, and adapt to the current and future plant control requirements. • Keeping You in Perfect Control: Automatic AC tank switching controls all fill, return, and supply valves, as well as the AC pump and truck unloading. Tank levels are also monitored, including critical limits. Dynamic, color-coded graphics provide at-a- glance status pertaining to valve changes, material flow, tank levels, temperatures, interlocks, and any alarm conditions that require the operator's attention. Manual control of heaters, agitators, etc. can be turned on and off through the software. • Improve Plant Uptime: Libra Asphalt Drum Controls monitor motor currents and plant parameters to optimize efficiencies and allow predictive maintenance before failures take down the plant. Delays and timing are displayed over a graphic representation of material flow and plant layout, helping to prevent errors and misinterpretation. • The Information You Need, Delivered Straight to Your Desk: Effectively managing multiple asphalt plant facilities often requires numerous phone calls, texts, and countless hours behind the windshield. Libra Asphalt Drum Controls can easily interface with the Enterprise Information Server to minimize the time spent on these tasks by bringing real-time and historical production data directly to the office. Libra Asphalt Drum Controls REVUS1

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