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TrackIt EDAA Frequently Asked Questions More Questions? Submit it here. General Q: What does EDAA stand for? Engine Data Analysis and Alerts Q: What is EDAA and What does it do? TrackIt's Engine Data Analysis & Alerts (EDAA) provides an interface to Noregon's TripVision system to deliver real‐time insights for fleet asset management to improve the health, safety, and performance status of commercial vehicles. Includes remote diagnostics, alerts, action plans, health and safety scoring and other actionable vehicle information. EDAA monitors the health of your vehicles providing an analysis of their status and issues. You can see what vehicle it is, VIN ID, performance of health, safety issue, odometer, engine hours and actual location. Command Alkon is pulling this information every 10 minutes and sending between TrackIt and the TripVision system. You are able to see the SPN code, what the code means and what could happen if it goes untreated. Q: How can EDAA save me time and money? The system enables real‐time decision making of how to handle truck malfunctions to avoid engine failure. Know the exact diagnosis so that you can decide what action to take, whether to bring a vehicle back to the shop or to recommend immediate shutdown. With the information being provided to the shop in real time, mechanics can be proactive in ordering and stocking parts that can get vehicles back on the road faster and generating revenue. Features and Functionality Q: Do you have a mobile application for this? Yes. The mechanics can download the app and have the information readily available to them. They no longer have to be tethered to their desk. It is available on Android or IOS. Q: How long is the data stored? TBD Q: Where is the regular maintenance stored? Does the system store the maintenance? Through the Preventative Maintenace feature, we are giving you an immediate analysis so that you can make a decision. It is not an actual repair order system. For example, once the oil is changed, you will reset the alert. Q: What can you see on the service literature, parts and Preventative maintenance tabs that are on the dashboard? It gives you links directly to the OEMs for their different pieces. You will need your own credentials to login to their resources. Q: Is there functionality for alerts? Yes, you can set your own alerts specific to what is important to you and/or your mechanics. Usually these are used for events that are critical. You can also set a specific fault code and customize how you want to receive that alert. Q: Can I schedule reports? Yes, we can send scheduled reports on a regular basis automatically based on the timeframe you set up. Q: How does the Preventative Maintenance feature help my mechanics? Keeping these items on a schedule helps the mechanic manage their day more efficiently. It gives them the ability to schedule more effectively and be more productive. They don't have to run these reports at the end of the day; we are running the reports for them.

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