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Want to prevent loadout accidents? Silo Safety System ensures the safety of drivers and vehicles and eliminates loss of material in any type of overhead loadout scenario. Working in conjunction with Libra, Apex, COMMANDbatch, or any third party loadout system, you can rest assured that your operations are protected from accidents in your materials loadout process. • Improve Safety & Prevent Loss: Eliminate situations where overhead silo gates can activate when the cab of the vehicle is under the silo, endangering drivers, damaging equipment, wasting materials, and causing production downtime. • Easy to Understand Visuals: A fully graphic touch screen display indicates sensor and silo gate activation to the operator. The touch screen display is available with a pedestal stand, for desktop placement, or can be panel mounted. • Flexibility for Any System and Scenario: The stand-alone system can be used in conjunction with any overhead loadout automation system and works for asphalt, aggregate, and even ready mix use cases. A manual override mode allows you to activate silo gates for vehicles with long trailers or other situations that do not meet your standard sensor setup criteria. Redundant interlocks with your loadout system ensure that manual mode keeps drivers and vehicles safe. • Maintenance Made Easy: Real-time alerts indicate potential faulty sensor situations, allowing you to diagnose the specific scenario for an actual sensor failure Silo Safety REVUS1

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