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TrackIt Spec Sheet Water Add Meter The Water Add Meter is mounted onboard the mixer truck to automatically capture an accurate, real-time record of water added to the load once in the drum of the mixer truck. Eliminate the need for manual documentation while ensuring consistent, quality material is delivered to the jobsite each and every time. Monitor and record accurate water added to the mix through the delivery cycle: • Loading through to placement • Removes guesswork on quantity of water added • Eliminates variables such as clogged outlet nozzles and tank pressure differences Water flow meter data is used to: • Capture water volume added (gallons/liters) • Calculate W/C ratio if COMMANDbatch integration is enabled Two models available: • WAM-350 allows water mixture information to be read directly on the meter on easy-to- read display or on in-cab display • WAM-300 has no digital display but all other functionality is the same as the 350 model Ruggedized and reliable design: • Weather resistant brass meter core reduces risk of equipment failure in the event water is left in the lines in freezing temperatures • Easy to replace end caps can be changed in the field, reducing risk of damage to the meter Water meter plumbing: • Packaged with meter to include all recommended plumbing, fittings, clamps and installation guide • Ensures ease in installation and quality operation based on years of expertise delivering and supporting this type of equipment in the field Meter data delivered to: • Onboard SensorLink for delivery to the TrackIt cloud (TrackIt and COMMANDassurance systems). Water Meter to SensorLink cable included with purchase. • TFVG for delivery to TFleet cloud (TFleet system). Water Meter to TFVG cable included with purchase. Purchase in conjunction with these systems: • TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring • TFleet • COMMANDassurance WAM-350 Model Pictured

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