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4-6 Aggregates, 3 Cements, 2 Waters (metered), 8 Admixes (metered) - (model RM200) Additional Material and Scale Controls** Fast Multi-batch and Freewheel Batching Control Truck Charge Rate Adjustable On-The-Fly High Speed Weigh-Up Algorithm for Fast Plant Performance Automatic Scale Tolerance Checking Automatic Bin Switching on empty bin Automatic Bin/Silo Vibrator Control Scale Rate of Discharge Flow Control speeds truck loading Scale Flow Control Dampening Continuous Batching/Continuous Discharge Connect with PLC Devices and remote sensors to extend reach of the system Central Mixer(s) Control** Temperature Gun/Probe Interface** Density Meter Interface** State Certification Package (NY, CA, NJ, MN)** Other Optional Automatic Plant Controls Including: Blower, Plant Dust Collector, Silo Shaker, Spray Bar, Conveyor Controls, Mixer Controls, Telescopic Boot, Recirculating Screw, Live Bottom Batcher, Dual Aggregate Discharge Gates, Bin Lamps, and Switches** COMMANDbatch Spec Sheet COMMANDbatch EZ-CAL Hardware / J-Box & Manual Station Automatic Plant Control: Soft Manual Station (SMS) for plant control Perform Batching and Mix Design Changes** Second Client for Order Management** Remote Batch: Visual and Audible Notification Alerts On-Hand Inventory Available At-a-Glance Low Inventory Notification to Prevent Load Start Discharge, Weigh-Up, and Sequence Diagnostics Training Mode, Online Help, Operator Manuals 20" Flat Screen Monitor Dust Proof Enclosure** Operator Controls:

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