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Command Alkon Featured as Construction Executive's "25 Companies Making Construction More Productive and Profitable"

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Command Alkon's Collaborative Platform For Your Heavy Work TRADING PARTNERS SEE, WORK AND GROW TOGETHER TO ACHIEVE GREATER PRODUCTIVITY, REAL-TIME VISIBILITY AND OUTCOME ASSURANCE T he physical supply chains across construction are intricately structured and perforated with often unseen or unnoticed complications. On a jobsite, it's important to perform smarter, faster, safer and more productively. To achieve that goal, the complex and dynamic movements across the heavy material supply chain must be well orchestrated across contractors, bulk material suppliers, logistics providers, jobsite inspectors and project owners. Collaborative digital technologies must be embedded into processes to transform the way business partners work together to turn knowledge into action and create new ways to succeed. Enter Command Alkon's CONNEX Platform. CONNEX IS THE SUPPLIER COLLABORATION PLATFORM FOR CONSTRUCTION'S HEAVY WORK Knowing that the materials ordered arrive in the best quality is one aspect of the equation, but many factors typically arise that challenge this assurance. ere is uncertainty in any supply chain, including construction: Suppliers struggle to meet demand; weather, traffic or truck breakdowns affect delivery times; material specifications may be off; and more. Having visibility across a supplier collaboration platform, where all trading partners are active participants, means you are certain in your ability to mitigate risk because you have advanced notice of what is happening across projects, plants and in-transit materials. With digital collaboration tools, many discrete organizations work closely together to meet shared objectives for quality, profitability, customer service, differentiated experiences, and increased value. Real-time visibility across transactions, materials and quality boosts productivity and creates greater trust among partners. CONNEX is an innovative platform for the heavy building material industry, allowing buyers, suppliers and logistics providers to share real-time details of orders, jobs, materials, movements and more. (205) 879-3282 When manually entering tickets, you can spend anywhere from one to two hours a day. The advantage of Command Alkon is that there's no risk of loss. The information is in the system automatically as soon as the truck leaves the plant. -Superintendent With Top-tier Nonresidential Contractor Digital reprint authorized for email and website marketing. Copyright © 2018 by Construction Executive. All rights reserved.

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