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NEBCO Precison Water System Case Study

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Precision Water System NEBCO NEBCO provides various concrete and construction-related products and services throughout Nebraska and surrounding states through its various companies, including 23 ready mix concrete plant. Each plant has multiple aggregates and bins – most plants have two bins while others have up to four. The Challenge NEBCO was experiencing a constant battle with moisture, but it seemed as though nothing that they tried would solve this problem. Everyone from the field to the plant to management felt defeated. They needed a system that would help them to deliver more consistent loads, better yield management, lower costs, and enhanced customer service. The Solution NEBCO chose the Precision Water System (PWS) to address their moisture problem. The Precision Water System is a fully integrated water management system which provides a new set of tools that simplify and automate the management of mois- ture compensation with the ability to calibrate and simultane- ously measure up to 12 probes up to 1" coarse aggregates. Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch provides continuous monitoring of production operations, providing real time alerts of production issues while providing detailed post production reports that can be used to improve operations and cut costs. Another unexpect- ed benefit of the Precision Water System is the ability to rely on the system to alert the producer to other aspects of the material quality process. Material issues (dust content, grading changes) can be flagged up much earlier, and if the grading of materials goes out of specification, the water demand can change and the batcher can trim the total water requirement. We have seen that the solution works and are completely confident in how well it performs Bryan Peterson NEBCO, Inc

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