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COMMANDbatch Ready to Batch with Speed and Accuracy? Concrete that is batched accurately will be able to leave the plant sooner, make the delivery process safer, and speed up placement, resulting in a quality finished product. Consistently delivering with both speed and quality is the key to return business and a growing customer base. • Empower Yourself Through the Batching Process: COMMANDbatch is fully customizable, with the ability to change 100% of the settings in real time. No need to fumble with confusing text files or rebooting the system. Nothing but real- time control for you to maximize production. Fast Batch Technology is more than queueing tickets – what if you could run multiple loads at the same time, adjust the mix before starting, and change all settings on-the-fly, all from the same screen? • Capture True Profitability: Track weights, inventory, round trip times, and man hours to provide a true picture of profitability and success that allows you to push your operations to the next level. • A Leader in the Industry: Recognized worldwide for helping producers achieve operational efficiency, quality, time savings, and profitability based on their specific needs. The accuracy and speed of COMMANDbatch ensures superior quality and delivers material and time savings that are unmatched by any other system. • A Partner You Can Trust – Every Step of the Way: Our implementation and support professionals are focused on your success every step of the way – through each phase of implementation and in supporting your daily needs. We understand the keys to success in the industry and are committed to ensuring your return on investment and equipping your business to grow. REVUS1

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