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Precision Water System ™ (PWS) Why continue to live with loads not produced at desired slump? Moisture content in stored sand and aggregates can have dramatic effects on the water/cement ratio, the aggregate/ cement ratio, yield, and even the color of the mix. All ready mix producers understand the inconvenience and anguish of rejected loads, and excess moisture in the mix is one way to waste materials and take a bite out of the bottom line. 98%+ Reduction in Rejected Loads Provide consistent water to stabilize the strength, finishing effort, bleed water, and set time characteristics PWS will: You want to: Eliminate wet loads Keep a history of moisture samples and bake-out pairs for each probe-bin-material combination Simplify calibration Deliver time savings through "Lock and Load" sample mode and reduce time spent on load adjustment Reduce in yard time Reduce rejected loads and ensure production to customer specifications Avert risk and waste

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