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CY of Concrete 2.3 million TN of Aggregate Trucking Tickets/Timecards Successfully tracked over 15,000 hours of OSR trucks, saving 2% of trucking hours. CY of Excavation 226,000 tons od Asphalt 3 MILLION 2.3 MILLION 655,000 226,000 46,000 250,000 PROJECT REPORTS MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY IN AGGREGATE AND TRUCKING OPERATIONS THROUGH DIGITALIZATION. $1.2B+ Track trucking operations in real-time via mobile GPS device. Share order and ticket information electronically, minimizing data entry. HOW? CHALLENGE Northgate Constructors, a joint-venture of Kiewit and Zachary started the $1.2B publicly funded DFW Connector project with the goal of delivering a high quality job that would be a model of efficiency and profitability for future DOT projects. JOBSITE CHALLENGES Reduce material yield costs and hourly function costs Reduce supplier payment cycle times Provide frictionless transparency of bulk material data and supply chain partner activity to DOT Improve efficiencies by integrating all ends of the supply chain. THE GOAL : $3.8M IN COST SAVINGS THE RESULT:

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