High Concrete Group LLC: American Concrete Expert Impressed by Dutch Expertise

February 25, 2020 Command Alkon

Together with Command Alkon, we can market our products across the USA.


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About High Concrete

High Concrete Group LLC combines innovation, proven technology, more than three quarters of a century’s experience as a precast company, and nearly 50 years as a precaster to give you the first-rate service, technical support, and precast products you need to bring your designs to life.

High Concrete is a manufacturer of high quality prefab elements and is also the largest producer of concrete prefab parking decks in the US. High Concrete has two plants, one architectural and one structural and they are configured with Simem twin shaft mixers. They were already making quality SCC but desired to go to the next level and increase their consistency.

Besides this goal, similar to Europe, High Concrete is obligated to produce their concrete according to specific requirements which are determined by region. For that reason, High Concrete had to find a reliable supplier of concrete production automation systems. Numerous options were researched and American, Canadian and European suppliers were evaluated.

Eventually, High Concrete chose Command Alkon based on their good reputation, their proven track record and innovative solutions.

High Concrete’s Goals

  • Meeting the strict requirements and laws & regulation as stated by New York State DOT
  • Delivering high batching accuracy
  • Providing high reproduction
  • Insuring guaranteed quality
  • Producing in bulk within a short time frame
  • Quickly responding to customer needs and requirements

Why Command Alkon?

  • The ability to meet the requirements of New York State DOT
  • Advanced moisture measurement and water dosage
  • Full integration of all factory components
  • Extremely reliable
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • All data available for management through quality reports
  • Over 29 years of knowledge and experience


  • DOT approved plants
  • Integration of a new Silica fume system, color dosing and mixer cleaning
  • Real-time processing of moisture measurement and water dosage
  • Increased customer satisfaction because of increased product quality
  • Order interface with SAP
  • Staging on the aggregate belt for increased production
  • Powder Silica is made liquid on demand
  • 2 plants with switchable 1 or 2 operators with hot standby system

About Command Alkon

Command Alkon is a global supplier of integrated solutions for construction materials producers, with customers in more than 70 countries world-wide. Focusing on industry specific hardware and software systems for producers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, aggregate, asphalt, and concrete,

Command Alkon combines innovative technologies and over 37 years of industry expertise to deliver products and services that improve business operations in plants and quarries around the globe. Command Alkon’s group of products addresses batching, dispatching, dispatch optimization, fleet management, quality control, bulk materials distribution, plant and quarry automation, transportation planning and performance, process controls, back office operations, performance management, enterprise content management, voice-based scheduling, and mobile computing.

Command Alkon is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and has offices around the globe.

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