The Here and Now: Consumers Expect Businesses to Offer Self-Service Options for Conducting Transactions

May 19, 2020 Command Alkon

Business automation solutions that remove human interaction from a workflow have long offered increased productivity.

But, given the risk of contracting COVID-19, automated processes and self-service have become an incredibly important option for many consumers and businesses. Whether they are purchasing products online to avoid going into stores or want to avoid in-person interaction while managing the workflow around complex construction projects, many people feel safer when they don’t have to handle tangible items like paper.  

Contactless transactions are the way to go.

Now that the construction industry is faced with federal mandates to maintain safe social distancing and seeking to increase safety on the job site, throughout the back office, and with clients, self-service is an even more essential part of doing business. 

Self-service has many benefits. And for many employees and customers, it is not just safer, its often a preferred method: 

  • Self-service allows for a better customer experience through faster response times.
  • Customers and employees often prefer using tools and information to find answers to their questions and can have a better experience with a product or service this way.
  • Self-service allows companies to provide online support to customers through without requiring any interaction with a representative.
  • Consistency and accessibility across all channels—including mobile—ensure customers remain happy about using a product or service, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Self-service options like eTicketing don’t just remove hand-to-hand exchanges of paper tickets between construction job site personnel and other paper-based processes that require hand-to-hand interactions; they self-enforce best practices for social distancing. This type of contactless transaction allows all project stakeholders—from state Departments of Transportation, contractors, and concrete producers to heavy material suppliers and haulers—to access ticket data anywhere, anytime via the cloud, and keeps construction truck drivers in the cab of their vehicle.

Self-service will become more critical in the future, as health and productivity demands change workflows, worker behavior, and construction work processes. 

Learn more about how Command Alkon’s CONNEX  Supplier Collaboration Platform helps businesses conduct contactless transactions and increases collaboration between contractors and project owners, heavy material suppliers, producers, and haulers through every step in the workflow, from initial orders through to paying the final bill.

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