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Effortless & On-the-Go Business Insights with CONNEX

December 4, 2020

CONNEX Insights combines the vast industry experience of Command with your company’s operational data to provide you a library of analytics, KPIs, and dashboards. With effortless setup and mobile access, within minutes you can be running your business using industry-proven analytics from your phone, tablet or PC.

Learn more about what Insights are available today, and the pioneering ideas that will crystalize your intuitions, backup your assumptions, and arm you with the insights needed to improve your profitability.

Learn about:
- Customizable KPI homepage
- Location-specific targets and stack ranking
- KPI drill-in analysis
- Data quality scores
- “Coming Soon” Ideas
o Customer Coaching – Same-day cancellations, holding trucks, start times
o Driver Coach – all encompassing driver scorecard, stack rankings
o Contribution margin analysis
o Macro Market Analysis

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