Cloud-based operations built safe and mobile

October 25, 2023 Dan Orzechowski

In an industry as mobile as ours, field personnel need on-the-go functionality. And instead of purchasing and maintaining equipment for large teams, organizations save big when they leverage their own company devices.

With cloud capabilities on the rise, more organizations are considering using their own devices. What should be considered next are policies to make sure the mobile system unceasingly supports operations.

Leveraging personal company devices as opposed to devices from the technology provider can be rocket fuel for field operations. Here are just a few ways we can ensure these devices remain safe and secure in the heavy building materials industry.

Fostering steady education

What does safe usage look like at your organization? It's essential to provide steady education to employees about safe device usage. As the tech environment evolves rapidly, it's crucial to establish what constitutes a liability and what doesn't.

A reaction plan for when devices are lost or stolen

These devices are used throughout an employee's day, so they can be easily misplaced. Establishing a reaction plan that includes options like remote wiping of company data can mitigate the risks of lost or stolen devices. 

Investing in strong access controls

No matter the device, password protection is vital in securing sensitive data. If the company's device fell into the hands of a bad actor,  that person has access to all of the company’s private information. Consider providing 2-factor authentication, which brings an additional layer of security that can protect a device, even if a user’s password is compromised.

Encouraging a culture that protects company assets

Beyond productivity, utilizing company owned devices over those provided by a technology provider may have a positive effect on company morale by bypassing the need to learn a new tool’s functionality. 

Cloud-based solutions like Command Alkon’s Dispatch instantly equip field personnel with essential data. And when it comes to dispatch operations, leveraging mobile devices can foster innovation at an organization of any size. The benefits of moving to the cloud don’t end with mobility, though. Like Dispatch, cloud-based solutions are also economical and built for growth. Learn more here.

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