Using the Right Mix at the Right Time Is Vital to Success

September 12, 2019 Janeen O'dell

At a Ready-Mix Operation, there is considerable amounts of time and money invested in systems and training to ensure mixes are formulated properly. This effort can be for naught if there is no visibility into these specific requirements during the order entry and dispatching processes. Using the wrong mix design can lead to increased costs down the road, such as concrete replacement and lost business due to customer dissatisfaction.

Integra can assist in bringing the proper mix design from the quotation process through delivery using a series of available features. Job-specific mix designs can be created, and the job can then be locked into those designs.  

Command Alkon’s product restriction feature allows a job to have only the selected mix designs available to the dispatch team during order entry. This lessens the room for error and ensures that we are providing the specific, high-quality concrete that the customer expects to receive.

Janeen O'dell has served 19 of her 22 years in the industry with Command Alkon. She has held various roles in customer support and product management. She is currently the Operations Manager for Integra, which offers small- to medium-sized Ready-Mix Producers a comprehensive solution to quote, order, ticket, deliver, and bill quality concrete. The Integra suite of modules is designed specifically for the end-to-end needs of ready-mixed concrete operations. Visit our website for more information on this solution.

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