Tired of Compromising Customer Service with Fleet Utilization? Optimize Your Dispatch and Drive Your Business to Success

August 8, 2018 Karli Langner

Customer Service vs. Fleet Utilization

It’s no new idea that the reputation of a business is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence of the consumer can have a direct and profound effect on a company's bottom line. You know how you feel about your business, and you know how you want your business to appear to others, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to how the market perceives your company. To have an excellent business reputation, customer service needs to be a major focus.

Ready-Mixed Concrete producers strive for good truck utilization. Maximum truck utilization generally equals a higher profit, right? While that may be true, providing adequate, but not necessarily great service can harm your reputation and lose your customer base.  Not to mention, failing to properly service jobsites results in what anyone who has worked in any sort of service industry tries hard to avoid – an angry customer. The balancing act between service and efficiency is always at the forefront of the business model. 

Why Compromise When You Can Have Both?

Having a dispatch optimization product can enhance both service and utilization by determining the best way to schedule the day’s business based on your priorities.

A very important feature of Command Alkon’s optimization software is that you can tailor the program to achieve the desired balance between service and efficiency that is optimal for your company’s specific objectives. For example, if the program is leaning towards better costs too much in lieu of on-time delivery, then you can fine tune your settings for the exact balance you are striving for.

Alleviate Some of the Decision-Making Stress 

Oftentimes, human bias gets in the way of optimal decision making in dispatch operations. Dispatch optimization software constantly re-evaluates your dispatch plan and updates it in real-time. It can reduce delivery costs by rapid planning and rescheduling as the day progresses, or as unexpected situations arise. 

The average driver has about three hours of nonproductive time each day. Optimized utilization of your drivers can reduce man hours, get materials to the jobsite on time and in good quality, and allow you the opportunity to deliver more volume with less time.

Not only can these reductions in delivery and material cost dollars per order add up to significant savings at the day’s end, but you can also generate more profit by delivering more volume per day.

When you start multiplying the cost of less-than-optimal decisions to your yearly yardage, you will quickly realize the overall benefit of computer optimized dispatch to your bottom line as well as to your customer satisfaction ratings.

Are you exhausted by trying to squeeze more efficiency and better costs out of your dispatch office? Ready to shake things up with dispatch optimization? Check out COMMANDoptimize.

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