This is Not Your Daddy’s Supply Chain - Next-Gen Tools and How They Are Impacting Supply Chain

July 3, 2018 Karli Langner

This is not your Daddy’s Supply Chain - Next-Gen Tools and How They Are Impacting Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains are not the supply chain of decades ago. In the past, supply chains were architected in a linear fashion, involving raw materials suppliers, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, transferring supplies or products from one facility to another. Products were typically made for inventory and not for demand, so out-of-stocks or inventory overages were quite common.

Next-Gen supply chains are quite complex and require flexibility and agility in order to meet customer demands and to increase shareholder value. Next-Gen supply chains require next generation tools - digital technologies that foster collaboration and communication among all parties involved.

In today’s market, the speed at which products can be delivered is important for those needing to meet customer demand or complete a job. Next gen supply chain tools possess the ability to help supply chains quickly react to demand. They provide visibility from end-to-end across the supply chain, helping managers to deter risks from missed deliveries and speeding fulfillment.

Other next-gen supply chain solutions incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can interpret massive amounts of data from supply chain operations and make predictions on future performance or events or actions based on past deliverables. AI in the supply chain can help you take control of inventory by using data from past orders, analyzing current sales, and reviewing past sales/purchase history, then making predictions about how much to order and where to house the products.

Next generation supply chains are digitally connected, eliminating silos. All parties involved in the supply chain connect and collaborate to meet customer service expectations, increase efficiencies and improve productivity. These next gen supply chains serve as a connected, coordinated information ecosystem that delivers maximum flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

Command Alkon solutions are next generation supply chain tools that deliver automation, visibility, collaboration and simplification to the Heavy Building Materials industry. 

CONNEX Jobsite is a product that has recently been added to Command Alkon's suite of next-gen supply chain technologies. This customizable tool delivers operational transparency and efficiency to drive profits. Contractors have the ability to enhance collaboration with suppliers and haulers and automatically tracks tickets.

For more information on CONNEX Jobsite, contact us.

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