Take Command from Quote to Cash

July 10, 2018 Karli Langner

The exponential growth of big data has had a profound effect on the heavy building materials industry.

The correct use and analysis of the vast amount of data available to a business has the potential to transform supply chains as we know them, but also the power to disrupt.

Without the appropriate tools and expertise to manage large amounts of data, organizations can become overwhelmed and unable to gain valuable insights, causing issues across the supply chain and wider business functions. Luckily, Command Alkon has what you need to keep your operation running at optimal speed.

COMMANDseries allows you to share data across all aspects of your operations. It integrates with other Command Alkon solutions for batching, quality control, in-cab telematics, mobility, enterprise content management, and business intelligence.

With this tool, quality products are delivered to the right place at the right time and for the right cost. Having all of your information in one place gives you a complete view of your operation to make better and more timely decisions and improve asset utilization while decreasing stress on your dispatchers.

Want to learn more? Contact us. We'd love to help you take command of your ready mix operations.

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