Kiewit Corporation Inaugural Innovation Vendor Expo

August 29, 2018 Karli Langner

Kiewit, one of North America’s leading construction and engineering organizations, held its very first Innovation Vendor Expo on August 27 at the Kiewit University in Omaha, Nebraska. Exhibitors were invited to participate for the role they are playing in providing innovative technologies that benefit the Construction Industry.

Command Alkon was pleased to participate, and focused their exhibit on BuildIt.

In North America alone, roughly 250 million tickets are handled each year by the Heavy Building Materials and Construction industry.  These tickets are often in multi-part forms that are manually key punched into other systems.

At one of our recent Roundtable discussions, Patrick Benware, Senior Material Manager with Kiewit Corporation, addressed a problem that we are all too familiar with in the industry: never-ending piles of tickets.

A hot topic of conversation that has been propagating the industry is the need to modernize and transform to digital formats for better communication, collaboration, and information exchange across all community participants.

Relying on paper tickets that are easily misplaced and oftentimes illegible can cause pandemonium at month-end. Storing information in a digitized platform generates more timely and accurate data, enabling faster, more intelligent business decisions.

Material costs on a job can make up a large portion of the total construction cost. With BuildIt, you can capture those costs in real time, helping you to truly understand what your operations are truly costing on a day to day basis. Having information in one place–rather than across multiple paper tickets–addresses the challenges with current methods for tracking materials and truck assets.

We’ve already removed over 2 million paper tickets via our partnership with Kiewit, and it’s only the beginning. BuildIt’s online tools connect contractors with suppliers and haulers to share orders, and automatically track tickets electronically; helping to optimize planning, production, and payment processes, providing instant material and job cost tracking.

Greater relationships and better communication is made possible by digitally connecting partners and eliminating silos. All parties involved in the supply chain connect and collaborate to meet customer service expectations, increase efficiencies, and improve productivity. This next-gen supply chain solution serves as a connected, coordinated information ecosystem that delivers maximum flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

Want more insiders on BuildIt? Check out this feature in Rock Products Magazine.

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