Juggling the Pieces of the Supply and Demand Puzzle

July 9, 2018 Karli Langner

Nearly every period of economic growth is accompanied by a driver shortage. Drivers are aware that they are in short supply, and there is no end in sight.

When considering this issue, it may seem like the answer is more drivers. Rather than harping on needing more trucks and drivers, a new approach needs to be taken to determine a solution for the existing problems; the industry needs to consider ways to better utilize existing trucks and drivers.

Think about it – how often do trucks get stacked up in the yard because they can’t unload? How often does one location experience service issues while there are excess trucks at another location?

Technology has completely shaken up the way business processes are carried out over the last few years. Supply chain technology solutions can maximize efficiencies and reduce wasted man hours through real-time data and improved communication between partners.

To make the most out of existing fleet, efficiencies need to be raised and costs need to be reduced. Innovations to better route trucks, automate processes, improve driver safety, and eliminate empty miles can result in getting more done in less time, changing the severity of the impact that the driver shortage has.

With supplyCONNECT, you can improve your delivery processes and master juggling the pieces of your supply and demand puzzle. The tool can help minimize empty miles, underutilization of assets, and misallocation of resources to maximize your profit.

Want to learn more about what supplyCONNECT can do for your business? Contact us to start a conversation.


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