How Much Is Job Costing Costing You?

November 1, 2018 Karli Langner

Every job is a source of useful information, but what is that information worth? Sure, your bookkeeper can generate a job costing report that shows whether any specific job made money. But does that report tell you whether or not your next job will make money?

No, and that’s a big problem.

How can you accurately bid, schedule and plan jobs without vital productivity and performance data? You can’t. But job costing reports only income and expense data, not the costs associated with all operational variables. If you don’t understand those costs, how can you control them?

What you need instead is an automated job tracking system that includes smart quoting, dispatching and billing functions. Because job tracking software measures and reports on all the quote-to-cash variables in real time, you have total visibility into jobs costs and progress on a daily basis, easy access and understanding of performance trends and averages, and total digital control of:

  • Freight & material quoting
  • Truck scheduling & dispatch
  • Sub-hauler management
  • Automated dispatch delivery
  • Billing
  • Driver settlements
  • Driver compliance
  • Profitablity reporting.

Job tracking data is essential for creating realistic estimates, bids, schedules and budgets. Running trucks is a complex business. Integrating a custom telematics solution like HaulIt positions you to make the most of all your assets.

Command Alkon’s HaulIt is the complete quoting, dispatching and billing solution for asphalt haulers. In an industry with razor-thin margins and little demand predictability, HaulIt telematics give you real-time cost control to make sure you make money each and every day.

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