Getting with the Times: Why Digitalization??

June 4, 2018 Karli Langner

The Heavy Building Materials (HBM) and construction industry is behind the move to digitally transform their supply chains compared to other industries. The industry can benefit greatly by digitally connecting, collaborating and conducting business with supply chain trading partners. A digitized supply chain leads to greater efficiencies, increased revenues and better customer service.  

Prior to last year’s Command Alkon Elevate Conference, roundtable attendees were asked a series of questions, including what the most common method used to exchange data with trading partners is. Over 60% of respondents said that email was their most common method. Other questions asked highlighted the biggest issues these businesses face when it comes to the quality of data they receive from their trading partners. The answers were that the data was not timely, accurate or complete.

How do you get more accurate, timely and complete data?

You must connect with all of your trading partners. Connecting to a network of your suppliers, customers and service providers allows you to conduct business and bring value to the entire network. All of those connected to the network can communicate and collaborate with each other. The more connections, the more users, the more value you receive.

Automation is key to success. It's important to automate manual processes by getting rid of paper and using automated tools. Using paper-based tools leads to inefficiencies, errors and increased costs. By automating business processes, from accounting to logistics, your business can serve customers better, streamline operations and improve working capital. With automation, you can easily alert customers if there will be a delay in their shipment; issue invoices faster leading to quicker payment; and make decisions much quicker because your data is accurate, timely and complete.

Command Alkon’s suite of mobile solutions puts information in the hands of those who need it, in real-time.

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