Frequently Asked Questions Answered for the Heavy Building Materials Industry in New Web Series “BuildFAQ”

June 7, 2018 Press Releases

Command Alkon’s Solution-Focused Pros That Know Share Valuable Insights, Tips and Trends 

Birmingham, AL – June 7, 2018 – Command Alkon, the global leader in integrated supply chain technology solutions for the heavy building materials (HBM) industry, is proud to announce a new web-based video series titled “BuildFAQ.” The information is delivered in short vignettes which run less than two minutes.  Each video is meant to educate viewers on functionality, updates, and special features across Command Alkon’s suite of technologies, and discuss how these products address pervasive issues within the heavy building materials world. 

“The landscape of how people engage with content is broadening, creating opportunity for us to deliver knowledge through a plethora of new and varied channels,” said Ed Rusch, Vice President of Marketing at Command Alkon. “Snackable bits of genuinely helpful information, packaged in high quality, quick and easy to consume videos is the basic premise of BuildFAQ.” 

BuildFAQ demonstrates how innovations in technology transform the way players in the heavy building materials area conduct business. Product specialists provide their expertise on “frequently asked questions” from Command Alkon users around the world. This series was created to offer insights, and deliver answers to questions you might not have known that you had.

The series can be accessed through Command Alkon’s Resource Hub, Mastery by Command Alkon, and will be making its debut with three new episodes today: 

BuildFAQ: Optimization [Part One]

BuildFAQ: Integra

BuildFAQ: TrackIt

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BuildFAQ: Optimization [Part 3]

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