Automating Processes, Eliminating Silos, Digitally Connecting Partners

March 19, 2019 Karli Langner

Technological advances are automating many functions that previously required human intervention. When mundane operations can be automated, it frees up time for employees to work on more valuable tasks rather than daily maintenance of exceptions. Automating data capture is an efficient and valid way to create a path to improvement.

Automating manual processes also eliminates the dependence on paper tickets that so often are illegible and easily misplaced and addresses the challenges with current methods for tracking materials and truck assets. There are so many hidden costs associated with paper processes, including:

  • Inefficiency of turnaround time for customers
  • Low quality of data capture in the field
  • Excessive number of operational staff required to physically handle, manage, and file paper
  • The amount of physical space needed for storage and processing physical documents
  • Lost documents
  • Amount of time wasted by staff to search for an item
  • Inability to use information in a timely manner that leads to less effective decision-making
  • Copying, printing, courier, and postage costs
  • Cost of disposal and recycling

You can add money to your bottom line by doing away with these unnecessary costs.

With a collaboration portal, like BuildIt by Command Alkon, Contractors, Haulers, and Suppliers can connect and work together electronically to complete shipping and receiving transactions with other connected trading partners.

What is BuildIt all about? Check out this explainer video and be sure to visit to learn more.

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