Reduce Waste and Improve Material Replenishment

September 5, 2017 Command Alkon

Reduce waste and Improve Material Replenishment. Learn more at ELEVATE!

Do you struggle with getting materials to your plants and having the optimal number of drivers and trucks on the road? If so, learn more about our supplyCONNECT product at ELEVATE 2017.  ln this video Jason Campbell, Command Alkon Supply Chain Product Manager, discloses how different parts of your supply chain can benefit from increased visibility and improved information flow with supplyCONNECT.

At the conference sit in on one of our supplyCONNECT classes and hear from actual users about how supplyCONNECT has drastically reduced their planning time, virtually eliminated stock-outs, and improved their truck turns.

See you in NOLA!

Visit the Conference Website Here

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