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Problem solving is the essence of what leaders exist to do.  As leaders, the goal is to minimize the occurrence of problems–which means being courageous enough to tackle them head-on before circumstances force them to be dealt with.  Leaders must be resilient in their quest to create and sustain momentum for the organization and people that they serve.

Midwest Concrete Materials, Inc.

Midwest Concrete Materials, Inc. has been standing strong since 1927, with operations in ready mix concrete, aggregates, construction materials, and trucking and excavation services. They have established themselves as an industry leader, and their passion for quality and service are major contributions to their longevity. One of the major differentiators of Midwest Concrete is that they embrace new technology, continuously reinvesting in their company with the latest equipment to solve their problems, keep quality at its best, and to provide their customers with excellent service. They have steadily adopted software from Command Alkon’s product line for the last 15 years.

Midwest Concrete was facing miscommunication, a lack of visibility in their dispatch operations, and work replication by manually entering and re-entering tickets. To combat these problems, they entrusted Command Alkon to help them determine solutions that work best for them.

“There was a large disconnect for our dispatchers trying to keep track of the orders and the statuses, and what all was going on. The visibility was just not there.” -Mike Sanson, IT Manager

Apex was the answer for Midwest Concrete Materials to automate and optimize truck scale ticketing, transportation and back office processes. With Apex, re-entering tickets for billing was eliminated, significantly reducing office time and decreasing the chance for errors.

“With Apex, we have instant visibility of our assets including their location and the progress of each job they’re assigned.” -Chris Eichman, VP

Midwest Concrete Materials, Inc. is already making plans to continue increasing efficiency by going paperless. They are proactively taking steps to accomplish this.

Implementing MOBILEticket, a paperless ticketing solution, allowed the company to collect signatures electronically, then email tickets directly to their customers and back office. The implementation allowed them to pre-assign orders thru dispatch and save on the down-time of their trucks waiting for their next job. 

“There are drivers who relayed to me after we went to MOBILEticket, that they felt like it saved them about an hour a day each. In our small company of thirty trucks, that’s saving thirty hours a day. We’re eliminating basically four trucks.” 

Keep up with Midwest Concrete to follow their quest to eliminate paper tickets and continue to enhance their customer experiences.

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