Putting Power Back in Your Hands Through Real-time Information

Changes in demand, late shipments, quality issues, production schedules–these are just some of the myriad of things you want to be able to see so that you can make better and more informed decisions for your supply chain. The most frustrating feeling is having zero visibility and control over your supply chain. This industry hero took control and regained the power to keep their supply chain operations running smoothly.

Wayne Davis Concrete

Wayne Davis Concrete is the largest family owned ready mix producer serving the West Georgia area. Operations currently include 14 ready mix plants and a fleet of over 100 ready mix trucks. Services also include the supply of crushed stone, sand, block, and related masonry products. The company was founded in 1971 and currently employs 185 professionals.

Every ready mix supplier plays the daily balancing act of supply and demand, juggling the risk of running out of material with the chaos and inefficiency of a long line of trucks lined up in the yard making deliveries. Wayne Davis’ supply chain operations were filled with inefficiencies and gaps, opening many opportunities for improvements that could directly impact bottom line results and customer satisfaction. They decided that they were done with their “flying blind” approach to managing their supply chain.

Jacob Davis, Area Operations Manager at Wayne Davis Concrete was desperate for inventory visibility and an accurate idea of his material demand. supplyCONNECT was the solution to Jacob’s problem. supplyCONNECT is a supply chain management solution for managing daily replenishment plans and reducing the costs, risks, and waste involved with out-of-stock and over-stock situations and inefficient hauling practices.

“It has saved me tremendous time in scheduling every day…now I can plan a busy day in around 30 minutes.” -Jacob Davis, Area Operations Manager at Wayne Davis

With supplyCONNECT in place, Jacob saw lower cement costs, lower overall inventory costs, improved hauling efficiencies, significant reduction in planning time, more effective collaboration with key suppliers, and proactive management of critical pours.  

“I can forecast my demand hour-by-hour to evaluate whether I should send a tanker to a cement source that is further away but actually cheaper versus automatically hauling from the source that is closest.” 

Now that the complex equation of supply and demand is automated using supplyCONNECT, Wayne Davis Concrete is ready for the next steps in improvements. They are beginning to use the suggested loads feature in supplyCONNECT to create driver schedules and are eager to explore aggregate replenishment options provided by the solution.

Stay tuned for more on Wayne Davis Concrete and their journey with supplyCONNECT.

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