Powering up Productivity by Streamlining Workflows

March 26, 2019 Karli Langner

Your business efficiency can be increased in a number of ways if you’re starting to feel like your workplace is on the verge of spiraling into chaos, but running a business can be complex and you might not know where to start to begin restoring order. When everyone follows a well-tested process, there are fewer errors and delays, there is less duplicated effort, and you can increase staff and customer satisfaction.

A. Jansen B.V.

A. Jansen B.V. is the holding company for six operating companies that specialize in ready mix and precast concrete, groundwork and demolition, road construction, soil remediation, recycling, transport, and equipment rental.

The Concrete Division of A. Jansen B.V. has trusted Command Alkon for over 18 years to optimize their services so that they can provide their customers a one-stop shopping experience. In 2000 they were searching for new cutting-edge software solutions to streamline and simplify their processes. They used products from Command Alkon in the past, so they reached out and asked for a quote. They were satisfied with the previous products they used, and had faith in Command Alkon’s newer technologies;

CM: Conactive Management, CL: Conactive Quality Control and CP: Conactive Process Control. Since then, they’ve grown substantially and have implemented software from Command Alkon at all of their locations.

Conactive Process Control offers comprehensive, intelligent, and flexible process control. The system is fully compatible with all concrete production equipment and delivers quality, accurate batching as well as accelerated production capabilities.

Conactive Management is a fully automated transport and production planning system for efficient, punctual delivery. This optimization engine enhances decision-making by offering solutions to better utilize your fleet.

Conactive Quality Control offers the ability to manage materials, mixes, tolerances, documentation, and testing and analysis in one location.

“All of our systems link together and provide insights for all of our locations, simplifying our decision-making and planning processes. We have the reassurance and trust that Command Alkon will always be there when we need them – and that trust is crucial to us.” - Bert Busgen – Manager Concrete Division, A. Jansen

They didn’t implement all of these technologies at once. It was a process, but one that fostered a great partnership with Command Alkon because they’ve been there every step of the way. The service and support that A. Jansen B.V. receives is a major reason why they continue to do business with Command Alkon.

They keep extending their business to Germany and have already asked Command Alkon to send a quote for their existing locations. We are honored to help you overcome challenges and build your business.

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