Optimize Decision-Making to Generate More Profit

July 23, 2018 Karli Langner

As humans, there are many biases that contribute to the way we make decisions. These flaws can prevent us from making solid, strategic-level decisions to efficiently manage daily challenges, such as balancing customer service and cost. Weaknesses in the human thought process come in to play when it comes to the complexities of dispatch planning and fleet management.

Hahn Ready Mix

Hahn Ready Mix in Davenport, Iowa is a 6th generation family-owned operation. They operate from 16 locations using a fleet of 100 mixer trucks. They have been using Command Alkon for batch computers for years. Fun fact–they were one of the first 15 COMMANDbatch installations, and now they operate them in almost all their locations.

In 2010, they adopted new dispatch and back office software. They worked with Command Alkon on the implementation of COMMANDoptimize to maximize the efficiency of their delivery fleet and solve some beginning and end of day time issues.

COMMANDoptimize has revolutionized how Hahn Ready Mix operates daily. They are seeing improvements in fleet utilization–more concrete is being delivered with fewer trucks. Having accurate data on the critical measure that they track has motivated their dispatch team to work tirelessly to use their fleet as efficiently as possible.

“Our business is more profitable, and, most importantly, we understand it much better than we did prior to introducing COMMANDoptimize.” -Wayne Lawson, Senior Vice President

Optimization is not something your organization just adapts to like flipping on a light switch; you don’t just install the software and BOOM- your process is optimized.

You must have a highly experienced and capable team willing to adjust to change, create a well-defined and adaptable process, and become fluent with an advanced and innovative tool set. Hahn Ready Mix underwent a Business Process Review that gave them the insight that they needed to really embrace the new technology.

“Command Alkon is a trusted business partner, who we rely on for our business to operate every day. More importantly, the people at Command Alkon are our friends, who choose to work with us every day to make our business better.”

We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Hahn Ready Mix has been a customer for over 30 years, and we are honored to serve them and guide them in their pursuit to run their business on a more optimal scale.

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