Leading the Industry Through Optimized Operations and Excellent Customer Service

October 10, 2018 Karli Langner

Consistent and reliable service hooks customers and keeps them returning for more business. Companies have the potential to lose large amounts of money when customers are not satisfied. By paying attention to a company’s provision of consistent and reliable customer service, businesses can create a positive public image for themselves and add to their bottom lines.

Lauren Concrete

Lauren Concrete was Founded in 1986 by Ronnie Klatt and continues to be a family-owned and operated company. Lauren Concrete and its sister company, Texas Aggregates, service a 300-mile area east and west, centered in Austin, TX, their largest market. They are the leading supplier of ready mix concrete in Austin, operating 23 batch plants and 2 aggregate quarries with millions of tons of reserves, and their own ready mix fleet. They ensure that their customers don’t suffer from materials shortages. For over 32 years, they have served as a trusted partner to the people that they service.

Lauren Concrete uses solutions from Command Alkon for all operations on their 22 plants, such as COMMANDqc, COMMANDbatch, Scale Watcher, TrackIt, HaulIt, COMMANDoptimize, ScheduleCom and COMMANDseries. They are also currently demoing MOBILEjobsite.

The company was one of the first operations to adopt COMMANDqc for quality and production control, as well as mix management.

It’s obvious that Lauren Concrete continuously makes the effort to always have a competitive edge and stay ahead of others in the industry, because the company was one of the first in the US to adopt COMMANDoptimize. The tool helps dispatchers evaluate all the information they need about orders, trucks, plants, and other variables to make unbiased recommendations on how to best utilize resources.

The human brain can process about 50 variables at once, COMMANDoptimize can juggle millions of facts and recommend a decision that will save you time and dollars.

“Our best people, absolute best people, could not and cannot do what COMMANDoptimize can. There’s too many things going on and humans just can’t compete with the power of Optimization.” -Ryan Bartholomew, CEO at Lauren Concrete

One of the quickest returns that they saw was that their customer service increased quickly. In the past, especially while they were growing, they would have hundreds of orders in a day and they would miss some of the orders they needed to be loading. The tool is constantly telling the user what needs to be loaded. Not to mention, it crunches your costs at every location and pulls the drivers based on their hours and location to give you the best cost scenario.

Utilizing TrackIt and HaulIt has also done wonders for Lauren Concrete’s goal to leave a paper system and transform in to an automated one.

“We are no longer looking through stacks of tickets. We’re looking at our system, from there we can match the loads to the invoice. It helped us go paperless in that sense.”

TrackIt also gives Lauren Concrete confidence that there’s no theft because historical data shows every place that the truck went with that load. Electronic data logging helps them stay compliant with the Department of Transportation.

Over the years, Lauren Concrete has become a hero in the industry through hard work, reliability, and excellent service. We are proud to partner with them, and look forward to their continued success.

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