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FST Sand & Gravel

FST Sand & Gravel is a family owned and managed sand and gravel supplier, serving the Southern California area since 1964. From its quarry plant site in South Corona, FST can provide a variety of aggregate and sand materials for construction and home sites including concrete and asphalt aggregates. They own a fleet of about 30 trucks and hire sub-haulers, bringing that total to about 70 trucks a day that are operated by the company. No job is too big or small for FST to handle.

The company has come a long way in the last 50 years. Originally, their dispatch worked through a paper system, and mapping out routes was carried out on a large board. The Heavy Building Materials industry is known for being an industry that’s behind in the times, but FST wanted to challenge the status quo and exceed the expectations of their customers. They adopted automated processes through HaulIt and TrackIt.

Haulit is a complete Quoting, Dispatching and Billing solution for aggregate haulers.

The quoting system enables them to generate quick and accurate quotes, see their material costs at a glance, create freight rates based on hourly standards or zones, and pass all quoted information to jobs.

Gone are the days of mapping out routes on a giant board. HaulIt dispatch allows the company to plan for the entire day and the next day.

“The goal was to eliminate as much manual work as possible and gain visibility into our operations.” -Will Medina, Technology Manager at FST Sand & Gravel

FST took their dispatch operation to the next level by integrating their HaulIt solution with TrackIt, providing them GPS truck tracking and statusing, scale tag entry management, electronic timecards, real time alerts and notifications, engine diagnostics, fuel tracking, navigation, hours of service/electronic driver logs, and driver performance.

“We understand that in order to grow a software, a series of updates is needed. The software can’t stay stagnant, and I think that that’s something that Command Alkon realizes. They work to continuously optimize the software, helping us to keep our operations running at maximum efficiency.”

One of the true signs of a leader is constantly trying to better yourself, and your company. Complacency can strike at any time. The challenge to combat it can be great, but the rewards even greater. FST is a true hero for noticing where operations can be enhanced, and making proactive decisions to implement a more efficient way of doing things.

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