Bringing Accuracy and Satisfaction to the Forefront in Real-time

Organizations can manage following tried and true principles within the industry; but, in this competitive market, it takes something truly unique, truly big, to make customers sit up and take notice. One of our industry heroes went above and beyond, taking matters in to their own hands by determining an answer for a problem that they were having, and then taking the steps to help develop the solution.

One of North America’s leading construction and engineering organizations saw a need for a web-based business-to-business portal to connect the Heavy Building Materials Supply Chain and increase efficiencies for a mega infrastructure project. Command Alkon responded by building the system.

CONNEX Jobsite transforms the way contractors, suppliers, and haulers interact to increase performance and reduce costs.

Its online tools connect contractors with suppliers and haulers to share orders, and automatically track tickets electronically.

“When manually entering tickets, you can spend anywhere from an hour to two a day. The advantage of CONNEX Jobsite is that there’s no risk of loss. The information is in the system automatically as soon as the truck leaves the plant.” -Structure General Superintendent

The solution has the power to remove the frustrations of manual ticket entry and eliminate complexity of processes, especially on larger jobs, through automation.

“By utilizing CONNEX Jobsite, we can save man hours, and directly add money to the bottom line.” -Senior Material Manager

CONNEX Jobsite helps to optimize planning, production, and payment processes, providing instant material and job cost tracking.

“It’s nice that you can see the tickets live, especially at month-end to make sure that we have our accruals in accurately and our quantities claimed properly.” -Project Controls Manager

The beauty of this solution is that it single-handedly solves industry-old dilemmas through supplier ticket integration, real-time data delivery, and job-site data incorporation. CONNEX Jobsite has the ability to transform the Heavy Building Materials ecosystem, and these heroes that helped to develop it deserve recognition and appreciation. We are proud to be the guide in your quest to building an amazing world!

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