37 Trucking – Minimizing Equipment Failures Through Connectivity Tools

April 13, 2021 Karli Langner

Whether company-owned or outsourced, large or small, every fleet can use help in controlling their costs. More and more fleet managers adopting technology solutions that can help manage their fleets within limited budgets. When properly implemented, these technologies can generate positive results in many areas, including employee productivity, driver safety, and the ability to help lower operational expenses.

37 Trucking

Weatherford, Texas has been the home of 37 Trucking (37 Building Materials) since 2014. They have three divisions within their trucking services: Pneumatic, Aggregate, and Heavy Haul. Their fleet of 83 trucks rely on solutions from Command Alkon to keep their operations up to speed and their customer service up to par.

The first solution that 37 Trucking implemented was Command Alkon’s HaulIt for their dispatch operations. The product has an estimating system, which then flows into dispatch and into their billing system. Before the implementation, their dispatch and drivers worked from Excel sheets. 37 Trucking is a fairly young hauling company, but they are enjoying growth at a very fast rate and are delivering aggregates from a wide variety of locations. With a higher volume of orders, they needed a better way to keep track of their orders. Now, they have over 5,000 jobs in their automated HaulIt system, not counting sub-jobs. Imagine keeping up with an Excel spreadsheet for 5,000 jobs? It’s safe to say that now, their dispatch and drivers would be lost without HaulIt.

Visibility into Vehicles and Equipment at All Times

In 2015, 37 Trucking implemented TrackIt to capture information on the location of their trucks, fuel consumption, travel speed, and driver clock in and clock out. Now, they can track driver work hours; hours and cubic meters per trip, per customer, per mixer and per project. They can also determine the productivity of their trucks. All of the data generated by TrackIt also feeds back to their reporting in HaulIt.

Dispatch and drivers now communicate via 2-way messaging and dispatchers can make more informed decisions instantaneously by watching the trucks on the map and letting the driver know where to go to get their next load.

“As time has passed and as we've grown, TrackIt has been an invaluable tool to track our vehicles and provide insight into jobs and the material rates per hour.”

- Paul Hardison, Director of Transportation at 37 Trucking

Paul says the most impactful piece of the solution to him is the Driver Performance module, which delivers driver performance measurement and scoring capabilities to improve safety and promote cost and emissions savings. The module allows driver goals to be set and evaluated based on alerts, engine events, status timers, payroll exceptions and more. Driver goals are aggregated to provide visibility to individual driver performance in comparison to overall fleet performance. 

“My two biggest expenses are fuel and labor, and as soon as we turned Driver Performance on, the driver started to see an alert for hard acceleration and hard braking. We gained a 4.2% in fuel mileage because drivers were getting an alert, prompting them to drive safer and more efficiently.”

- Paul Hardison

Maintenance Made Easy

37 Trucking recently implemented TrackIt’s Engine Data Alerts & Analysis feature. This module delivers real-time insights for fleet asset management that improve the health, safety, and performance status of their trucks.

The system features include remote diagnostics, alerts, action plans, health and safety scoring, and other actionable vehicle information. Their mechanics love receiving alerts for when a truck needs maintenance before it becomes an issue.

They also receive email alerts when there is an issue with a vehicle. The system enables them to have preventive maintenance schedules in place, ensuring they can identify issues quickly and stay current on routine service tasks. They receive an automatic report each morning notifying the mechanics of what vehicles need to be worked on that day, what maintenance is coming due, and what is overdue and needs to be attended to immediately.

The EDAA feature also enables their mechanics to use discernment for whether or not a vehicle should close up shop, or stay on the road creating more revenue. For example, if a driver calls in to notify the mechanics that their “check engine” light is on, but the issue isn’t severe enough for the shop to get notified via email, then they have the ability to quickly make the decision on whether the driver should come by the shop or continue with their orders for the day.

Should a truck on the job need servicing, the EDAA functionality can provide a map of the truck’s exact location so that dispatch doesn’t have to manually track the truck, find it on the phone, drop a pin, etc. They instantly have the truck’s location and can come to their rescue.

EDAA also provides the fleet management staff with insight into what’s going on with the vehicle directly from a mobile device. They can analyze the issue and determine whether or not they need to perform diagnostic testing. The ability to triage vehicles on the fly saves the mechanic time and increases productivity by enabling them to focus on trucks that do need servicing.

With EDAA, they can understand what is going on with the truck before it comes into the shop to be worked on, so they have the ability to get all of the parts ready for when the truck gets there.

“We're working on trucks when they're not generating revenue. We can work on them at the end of the day while they are shut down. Having that visibility creates an enormous ability to maintain our trucks, keep them operational, keep them on the road as much as we possibly can, and plan ahead.”

- Paul Hardison

For more information, visit www.commandalkon.com/gettrackit

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