The Coronavirus Won’t Win – Together, We Will!

Most state DOT construction programs are moving ahead as scheduled and are not directly impacted by COVID-19 related shutdowns. 

Many state office personnel are telecommuting but, in most states, construction inspectors are considered essential and, therefore, are reporting to work and visiting on-going projects.

Remember, more and more people are getting well after having the virus, and to avoid an economic disaster, it’s imperative to keep operations moving as best we can... 

To keep workers safe, many construction sites are increasing the number of hygiene stations, keeping workers socially distanced as much as possible, and offering coronavirus training on the job. New technologies also provide digital collaboration capabilities that enable the continuation of operations in a safe environment.  

Communication and collaboration is the key to avoiding a business disruption.

For example, if your supplier can’t provide an order of fresh concrete due to illness, a supplier collaboration platform allows you to communicate your need for materials to other suppliers connected to the platform. A hauler can see an order go through and schedule a delivery date with one of his concrete trucks to supply and deliver the order. A good risk mitigation plan lists 2nd tier and 3rd tier suppliers of raw materials and logistics; along with spare production facilities where products, like cement, can be produced.

Suppose you have an order on the way when a driver suddenly becomes ill and can’t complete the delivery. He drives back to the production facility, and the producer has to find another hauler and has to either hope there is a truck available or contract with a third-party. If the truck driver, hauler, producer, supplier are all connected, it’s easy to find the transport that’s needed.

In the event that the aggregates you ordered were short on volume when they arrived at the job site, you could check the order to make sure you ordered the correct amount. If you were connected to your trading partners, you could contact your sales rep, who could send more aggregate immediately. He could also send you the invoice, which you could forward to your AP department for quicker payment.

More important than keeping your operations running smoothly is keeping your people healthy.

Replacing in-person collaboration with digital collaboration limits person to person contact. eConstruction capabilities enabled by this platform approach can keep your team safe and reduce the risk of catching this virus. Keep up to learn more about how this initiative allows you to work while socially distancing yourself. 

Despite the challenges that we are sure to face during this time, digital collaboration technologies, like Command Alkon’s Supplier Collaboration Platform, CONNEX, will help to enable frictionless collaboration virtually anywhere – whether you’re on a job site, or socially distancing yourself on the couch.

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