Recap of "The Contractor’s Perspective in Heavy Civil Construction-The Impact of COVID-19 and the Drive Toward Technology Adoption" Webinar

Data from the first volume of The Civil Quarterly (TCQ), a new publication from Dodge Data & Analytics, has provided an unprecedented look into the heavy civil construction industry in the midst of a global pandemic.  

Recently, representatives from Dodge, Leica Geosystems, and Command Alkon hosted a webinar titled “The Contractor’s Perspective in Heavy Civil Construction- The Impact of COVID-19 and the Drive Toward Technology Adoption,” to break down findings of the study to share insights into the business of heavy civil construction and the impact of COVID-19.

Troy Dahlin from Leica Geosystems and Steve Cox from Command Alkon also discussed how the use of technology can improve productivity, margins and safety onsite during this time.

Steve Cox, VP of Business Development at Command Alkon, focused his portion heavily on eConstruction capabilities; more specifically, eTicketing and Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD).

Historically, the output of many of Command Alkon’s traditional systems has been undigitized data printed on multipart paper forms. Today’s society is constantly connected through mobile devices. If it’s already the norm to receive information on your device from anywhere, then why not extend this concept to the jobsite and receive ticket data in real time in the field?

Solutions that take information found on paper tickets and capture it digitally lets buyers see ticket data in real time, throughout the ticket’s life cycle. Digitized documentation enables friction-free transfer of information and eliminates having to physically pass off paper tickets.

Solutions like these can deploy notifications for when a load is on the way, allow the user to view records of load status times, and automatically match incoming delivery tickets with hauler pay sheets and invoices.

47% of those surveyed for the latest Civil Quarterly report said that they are currently using or are considering using eTicketing solutions.

And 95% of those who participated in a recent poll with the Transportation Research Board said that eTicketing will become the standard within the next 10 years, if not sooner.

eTicketing and ePOD are not concepts that are here today, gone tomorrow. These digital capabilities boost productivity, keep jobs on schedule and in budget, and promote safety for all jobsite participants in precedented and unprecedented times.

Click here to check out Steve's portion of the webinar.

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