Help Keep Your Suppliers Safe by Practicing Social Distancing

One of the reasons that our industry is behind in digitization is because people fear change.

When faced with new technology, people must be encouraged to adopt it. Think about the first time you ever did a bank transaction online. You were probably a little skeptical, thinking where is my information going, who can see it, and who can use it? But now, you wouldn’t go back to writing checks if you had to.

We all need a little time to adjust to a new way of doing things – but, this pandemic has completely caught us off guard. Emotions and stress are high – we are scared for our loved ones, for our friends, and for our employees and co-workers. Shaking up your daily operations is the last thing you need right now, and we understand that. We are living this with you.

Another reason why construction is slow to adapt to digitization is because our workers aren’t sitting behind a computer screen all day – they are on-site, working hands-on to get the job done, which means it can be difficult to practice social distancing. We are trying to make this an easier time for you, and this is why many businesses are taking advantage of our free eTicketing Essentials offer through our CONNEX Platform.

Adoption of the Platform is paramount be able to execute on federal and state regulations. To get your suppliers on board, it takes awareness, education, and change management.

Building Awareness: Share the benefits of technology, especially cloud computing to encourage adoption. With modern technology based in the cloud, you often don’t need to buy any new hardware, which can save a tremendous amount of money. Cloud solutions reduce the cost of maintenance and managing IT systems. Applications will deploy quickly.

Education: Many people are concerned about the ownership of their data. Computing clouds are everywhere, which is why people worry about their data. Teach people that you are not selling their data and that it is okay to share their information. Cloud computing has security protocols built in. A secure system is more effective if proper defensive measures are implemented, such as strong password protection, encrypted data, and access permissions.

Change Management: Once people have been educated about the benefits of cloud computing and have decided to adopt the solution, change management strategies need to be in place. These include changes in processes, job roles, and organizational structures. People will be doing their job differently, and they need to embrace these changes.

One big value opportunity of cloud-based technologies for the construction industry is that these solutions remove paper from operations; so, the tickets that are used throughout the progression of jobs can now be accessed through a mobile device. No more writing anything down, searching through a stack of tickets to find the right one, or rummage through paperwork when a ticket is lost. Eliminating paper from these processes may take a little getting used to, but like online banking, once you try it, you can never go back. 

If you currently are not receiving eTicketing and ePOD your suppliers, visit to submit your information and get on board

If you are you are participating in free eTicketing Essentials and have materials suppliers that are not on board already, share this invitation document with them to encourage them to participate, share, and collaborate with you, paperless and touchless. You can use this communication text to send in an email to your suppliers and attach the download and share document to that email.

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