What Could Paper Processes Be Costing You?

July 11, 2018 Karli Langner

Oftentimes the “cost of doing business” can impact the bottom line.

Producers often accept the challenges and intricacies of their paper based processes because they feel that adopting technology to combat this problem won’t generate a lot of value.

In reality, there are hidden costs associated with these manual processes, including:

  • Inefficiency of turnaround time for customers
  • Low quality of data capture in the field
  • Excessive number of operational staff required to physically handle, manage, and file paper
  • The amount of physical space needed for storage and processing physical documents
  • Lost documents
  • Amount of time wasted by staff to search for an item
  • Inability to use information in a timely manner that leads to less effective decision-making
  • Copying, printing, courier, and postage costs
  • Cost of disposal and recycling

MOBILEticket is Command Alkon’s paperless ticketing solution that simplifies the material delivery process and improves invoice accuracy. It effectively reduces the costs of printing, paper, and transferring tickets between from the field to the billing office, as well as drivers’ yard time.

The security of paper based processes are more of an emotional attachment to existing processes. Step outside of your comfort zone and talk to us today about the value that MOBILEticket can bring to your business.


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