Efficiency is Key – Excellent Fleet Management Improves Your Profitability

March 23, 2018 Karli Langner


Command Alkon’s TrackIt Solution Offers An Industry Specific, Flexible and Fully Customizable Solution to Track Your Fleet and Meet Your Specific Needs


Transportation is in a flux – drivers are hard to find, trucking capacity is tight, and freight spend is increasing. Many non-productive hours occur during the loading/unloading of a truck, sitting in traffic or at a dock, or clocking in/out at a jobsite. Anything you can do to cut wasted time in your transportation operation will help to contain costs as well as keep drivers happy and trucks on the road.


Non-productive time equates to about 20 to 40 minutes per truck per day, based on experience. This is a loss of 200 minutes per week times 48 weeks per year (on average) for a total of 160 hours per year, per truck. If you have 25 trucks in your fleet, that means your business suffers from a loss of 4000 hours that could be used productively to grow your business and improve customer service.


How can you capture this lost time?


One way is to track and monitor trucks in real-time using Command Alkon’s TrackIt solution. TrackIt uses GPS Truck Tracking and Telematics equipment to give management a constant view of the location and performance of their entire fleet.


With Command Alkon’s TrackIt, businesses are able to:


·         Monitor how long a driver takes a break

·         See in real-time where driver stops and when driver starts

·         Determine whether drivers veer off pre-planned routes

·         Check reasons behind unplanned delays

·         Verify unsafe driver behavior

·         Get real-time status of trucks so customers can be alerted if delivery is running late

·         Map location of trucks at all times in real-time

·         Monitor compliance to hours of service regulations

·         Capture in-cab time and attendance


The information gathered with TrackIt can be used to improve a driver’s performance by showing areas for improvement, such as breaking at a restaurant on the approved route rather than one 10 miles away or taking too long to clock in/out. By maximizing truck drivers productivity with automated processes using TrackIt, you can capture at least 50% of the employee’s non-productive time.


TrackIt enables drivers to punch the clock from the cab, which alone can save a minimum of 20 minutes per day, per truck. Just this small amount can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings in transportation operations.

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