New-Age Environment-Friendly Resources

October 29, 2018 Karli Langner

With rapid urbanization and the change in the global climatic conditions, environment is getting affected in many harmful ways. The global climate change is a fact and an immediate action is required if we want to avoid its devastating effects. And it requires action from everyone because everything that reduces the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and pollution of the soil, water and air is helpful. 

Thomas Concrete is focused on sustainability. Thomas’ core business is to develop, produce and distribute concrete products. The Group has a total of 147 ready mixed concrete plants as well as 2 precast plants. Concrete is well adapted to a circular economy. Crushed concrete can be recycled as aggregates for newly produced concrete or be used as base layer in road constructions. In addition, crushed concrete absorbs even more CO2.

It’s not a new discovery that concrete’s main ingredient is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Thomas Concrete uses a variety of products in their sustainability efforts. Ready-mixed concrete is always produced locally, with locally sourced materials, leading to short transportation distances. Due to the thermal mass and airtight nature of concrete homes, the temperatures inside remain stable, despite the outdoor weather. Therefore, concrete buildings have low energy consumption which reduces the need of extra heating and cooling.

One product, CarbonCure has figured out how to trap CO2 in concrete and make it stronger in the process. Concrete is the 2nd most consumed substance in the world, besides water. One pound of cement releases one pound of CO2 into the environment. Thomas Concrete uses CarbonCure, which injects CO2 to trap it into the concrete forever. This helps to make the concrete stronger so they can use less cement, which equals fewer emissions.

Thomas Concrete is taking action on reducing energy consumption in terms of making their production and transportation fleet more energy efficient, and by reducing their fossil fuel dependence.

Thomas Concrete uses Command Alkon COMMANDseries, which offers ready mix producers end-to-end coverage: quote, order, ticket, deliver, and bill quality concrete. COMMANDseries integrates with other Command Alkon solutions for batching, quality control, in-cab telematics, mobility, enterprise content management, and business intelligence. It allows you to share data across all aspects of an operation to reap efficiencies.

A centralized view of the operation helps to improve asset utilization while decreasing stress on dispatchers. Deliveries arrive on time and in budget. Data is centralizing so managers can make better, more timely decisions. Many customers are able to reduce their fleet size, which helps to reduce carbon emissions and fuel usage.

Command Alkon’s OnBase is a streamlined Enterprise Content Management solution that is perfect for high-volume, high-value transactional processes, allowing you to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver all your documents.

MOBILEjobsite gives your customers real-time visibility into their deliveries. Empower customers with knowledge of what is going on minute-by-minute so they can adapt proactively to the dynamics of the day.

MOBILEjobsite is easy to deploy and use. Receive notifications when a load leaves the plant. Map truck locations. Look up past or upcoming orders. Place new order requests where they can be reviewed, approved, changed or declined. No more calling to find out when the next load will be there or what is on the books for today. Giving your customers and your employees the ability to see truck statuses reduces calls to dispatch. Contractors will get instant updates, not the last hour’s update, directly from their suppliers’ dispatch systems.

We are proud to partner with Thomas Concrete! Thank you for your sustainability initiative.

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