Increase Revenue with Improved Sales Pipeline Management

December 11, 2017 Lori Allen

10 Signs You Are Not in Control of Your Sales Pipeline

Your sales pipeline shows how much potential business you have on the horizon and when that business is expected to come in the door. Managing your sales pipeline allows you to track open opportunities as 

they move through the sales process and analyze problem areas in each stage.  According to Vantage Point Performance and Sales Management Association, 44% of executives in B2B companies think their organizations are ineffective at managing their sales pipeline, one of the keys to sales success and your potential to increase revenue. Consider this statistic with another from Harvard Business Review, that there is an 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that have a formalized sales process and those that don’t.

So, are you in control of your sales pipeline? Review this article from CRM provider which highlights 10 best practices for Sales Pipeline Management. For our industry, just important as the best practices outlined in this article is a process that is geared towards the specific challenges of ready mix producers, raw materials suppliers and haules, and building contractors.

Unlike broad-based, costly, and more complex CRM systems, Command Alkon’s MOBILEsales is an industry-specific solution that caters to the real day-to-day needs of the the heavy building materials and contractor sales person as well as the strategic needs of Owners, Sales Managers, and General Managers. It is also laser focused on simplicity, effectiveness, and value – stripping away the unnecessary overhead that comes with a full blown CRM implementation and equipping commercial teams in the Heavy Building Materials segment with a toolset that drives value for their organization almost immediately. MOBILEsales empowers you to implement the best practices outlined in the referenced article including –

  • lowering time spent on sales administration tasks
  • effectively enforcing and managing your sales process
  • eliminating the pain while increasing the accuracy of your sales forecasting
  • gaining visibility into what your sales team is doing every day
  • measuring and managing your sales pipeline effectively

Discuss this opportunity to revolutionize and simplify your sales process with a MOBILEsales expert today.  Click here to start this conversation.

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